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  • Transmission album release

    Transmission album release

    mantramatic’s first album, Transmission, was officially released June 7, 2020, and since then has slowly and steadily been gaining listens on Pandora, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Since it was released on CD Baby, it is available on all major (and most minor) streaming platforms. If you would like to stream, best bets are Spotify and Bandcamp. […]

  • mantra music! Transmission will be finished soon

    Finished Just Ahead of Coronavirus mantra music! Transmission will be finished soon. Even in these strange days of coronavirus, the stars seem to have aligned for this project. This is an odd-seeming conjunction of many things, for me and for the planet. One of those extraordinary things is that we completed the last recording session […]

  • Mul Mantra

    The Mul Mantra is a mantra meditation on the one creator, the creation, and that which is true now and through the ages.

  • The first track is live!

    First steps, but so many have gone before! This has been a long time coming, but the first mantra track for the first mantra album is live on many places on the web now–the recording and mixing for Waah Yantee was completed by Baysound Studios (thanks Bob!) in January this year (2019 already?) and so […]

  • Waah Yantee

    Waah Yantee means “great macroself” and is a mantra meditation on that creative self.