Waah Yantee

Mantra and translation:

Waah yantee, kar yantee

Great macroself, creative self

Jag dut patee, aadak it waahaa

All that is creative through time, all that is the great one

Bramaaday traysha guru

Three aspects of god: brahma, vishnu, mahesh

It wahe guru

That is wahe guru


Jiwan Shakti: Electified acoustic guitar, vocals

John Connelly: Electric bass

Kirsten Lovett: Vocals

Merissa Lovett: Vocals

Arranged and produced by Jiwan Shakti at Baysound Studios, Sarasota, FL. Engineering, mixing, and production assistance: Bob Frank, Baysound Studios. Copyright 2019.

Percussion loops by Loopcloud : Udu, cabassa, tablas, and shakers. Arranged by Jiwan Shakti.

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