mantra music for the new millennium

Mantra music for the new millennium like you’ve never heard before – listen for free on Bandcamp, Spotify, or Pandora – meditate – connect with the infinite creative consciousness – connect with your higher self – clear your chakras – invoke protection from negativity – dance! You can learn more about mantramatic and how to contact us on our About page.

Who is mantramatic?

Jiwan Shakti and friends record under the name mantramatic, because when you tune in, the mantras are automatically transmitted from the infinite. He has been a kundalini yogi since 1990, and a musician since the 1970s. Jiwan Shakti writes and arranges the music, sings, and plays electrified acoustic guitar.

What are These Mantras About?

The mantras are about connecting. With your inner highest consciousness and with the cosmic, the universal consciousness.

mantramatic exists on Earth to transmit mantras from the infinite to heal ourselves and the planet, an offering of pure cosmic love.

What Can These Mantras Do for Me and You?

Mantras can heal, uplift consciousness, and increase awareness. They can be any sound. These new arrangements of ancient sound currents are mantra music for the new millennium, the Age of Aquarius in which we all become one.

Where Do These Mantras Come From?

We chant mantras in very non-traditional ways from many traditions. Many of them come from the tantric, yogic, and buddhist traditions. All the mantras on the first album, Transmission, are from the Yogi Bhajan tradition of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga has been Jiwan Shakti’s path for about 30 years now, and was his introduction to mantra. Mantras are a basic part of his daily yoga practice. About mantra practice, Yogi Bhajan said:

“Mantra meditation gives mastery over the air, sight of all the spirits unseen by the naked eye, command of those thousands of Gods we call powers which are always around us and they become helpful friends, messengers and beautiful people when practiced earnestly as taught by the guru.”

From “Sexuality and Spirituality,” by Dr. Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, 1989, p. 125.

This is just another reminder of why this mantra music is so important to these times.

Let’s chant together, for life, for love, for our own highest selves.