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  • Listen to mantras

    bandcamp–listen to mantras online, high-quality downloads, and learn more

  • Link to the mantramatic Pandora station

    The mantramatic Pandora station currently (January 2020) features the pre-album release mantras “Waah Yantee” and “Mul Mantra.” The very mantra-happy “Adi Mantra + Mangalacharan Mantra” will be there about Feb. 9th 2020. And the full “Transmission” album, for which the universe has waited patiently until just this very intersection in cosmic time (but what’s a […]

  • Percussion love

    LP is just cool. They sell, among other things, a range of different udus (African clay drum-things) and their website has videos of Pete Lockett showing what the different ones can do. Amazing. mantramatic’s first attempt at arranging percussion loops was the udu track (duut duut duut) on Waah Yantee, so that was ground zero […]

  • mantramatic is now on Insight Timer

    Insight Timer is a meditation and sleep app, and artists can publish their work there to reach that audience of smartphone-meditators. Very cool. So, Waah Yantee is now published there, you can go there and access it using the downloadable app, and more will be uploaded as the tracks are completed.

  • The first track is live!

    First steps, but so many have gone before! This has been a long time coming, but the first mantra track for the first mantra album is live on many places on the web now–the recording and mixing for Waah Yantee was completed by Baysound Studios (thanks Bob!) in January this year (2019 already?) and so […]

  • Waah Yantee on CD Baby

  • Waah Yantee

    Waah Yantee means “great macroself” and is a mantra meditation on that creative self.