Tag: Aquarian Sadhana

  • New track is on the way

    The second mantra track, mul mantra, is winding its way through the labyrinth of stuff tha that has to happen to get all the tracks recorded, mixed, and uploaded. Meanwhile, here’s a rough cut. Happy japa. Japa (repeating a mantra) is a way to become aware of your etheric body. Groove on it.

  • The first track is live!

    First steps, but so many have gone before! This has been a long time coming, but the first mantra track for the first mantra album is live on many places on the web now–the recording and mixing for Waah Yantee was completed by Baysound Studios (thanks Bob!) in January this year (2019 already?) and so […]

  • Waah Yantee

    Waah Yantee means “great macroself” and is a mantra meditation on that creative self.