• mantramatic now has a YouTube channel

    mantramatic now has a YouTube channel! This channel will be used to share playlists of music published on YouTube via CD Baby (yes, they are our publisher!) and more! Expect some live odds and ends, mantras on location under the banyan trees, and who knows what else. Please tune in and subscribe.

  • Transmission album will be complete early 2020

    We’re revving up the mantramatic Transmission to finish this first album. Adi Mantra (ong namo), Sat Siri, and Long Ek Ong Kar are going to be finished in a couple of weeks and uploaded to Pandora. The last few–a live 22-minute glorious Wahe Guru, a rousing version of Rahke Rakhanahar, and a very loving devotional […]

  • Percussion love

    LP is just cool. They sell, among other things, a range of different udus (African clay drum-things) and their website has videos of Pete Lockett showing what the different ones can do. Amazing. mantramatic’s first attempt at arranging percussion loops was the udu track (duut duut duut) on Waah Yantee, so that was ground zero […]

  • Fall Leaf fest discoveries

    Fall Leaf fest discoveries

    mantramatic attended the Fall Leaf fest in Asheville, NC, home of all things weird and mountainous. There were a couple of real high points that the vibrations would like to immortalize here. Niyaz was a great, really loud blend of electronica and middle eastern sensuous pop. Or something like that. Anyway we liked them a […]

  • mantramatic is now on bandcamp

    bandcamp: One more place to find mantramatic! Stream, embed, share, buy, vibrate with the infinite . . .

  • Curating on Pandora

    mantramatic has started curating tracks on Pandora. The initial playlist is Mantra Inspirations: Pre-Mantric Vibrations and honors the source-music for mantramatic over the years. The intent at this point is to freshen the playlist once a week and add voice tracks for commentary . . . please tune in! Image of siripada-adi shankar temple-bodhgaya courtesy […]

  • Mul mantra is available on CD Baby

    The final mix of Mul mantra is now available on CD Baby for the low, low cost (in material-world terms) of 99 cents! Since CD Baby publishes to Spotify, you can stream the mantra there for free. So why buy the download? One, the audio quality is much better–because of the requirements for streaming audio, […]

  • Mul mantra final mix is on Insight Timer

    The final mix of Mul mantra has just been published on the meditation app Insight Timer. The first mantra for the album-in-process (Waah Yantee) was posted there a couple of months ago and has had about 1K listens, and was honored to be selected as a staff pick last month. We are grateful to the […]

  • Mul mantra rough cut is on Insight Timer

    Insight Timer is a meditation app, and artists can publish their work there to reach that audience of smartphone-meditators. mantramatic published the first finished mantra, Waah Yantee, on there already and it got an encouraging response (about 500 listens in a few weeks) so it seems like a good place to keep publishing. To get […]

  • mantramatic is now on Patreon

    mantramatic now has a Patreon page, where we hope to gather more support and community around this beautiful, cosmic music. Please visit and, if you are moved to do so, become a patron! We will love you for it, or even if you don’t do it.

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