Screaming J's--bass cat

Fall Leaf fest discoveries

mantramatic attended the Fall Leaf fest in Asheville, NC, home of all things weird and mountainous. There were a couple of real high points that the vibrations would like to immortalize here.

Niyaz was a great, really loud blend of electronica and middle eastern sensuous pop. Or something like that. Anyway we liked them a lot and are supporting them on bandcamp, which is a great way to support artists you like/love.

The Screaming J’s are a sort of boogie woogie piano and standup bass with cats with heads that roll around crazy-like when they plays kinda band. We don’t know how else to expain them. More intimate and time-warpy than not. One venue they was singin about smoking marijuana and drinkin rum, then next time they were more sort of family oriented in a psychedelic, somewhat schizophrenic, but good way.

Natadas was a great ecstatic dance band. We had never actually done ecstatic dance and were a bit skeptical, perhaps, but within a mintute or two were whirling around with everybody else. Very cosmic. Unfortunately they seem a bit less organized in their recording and distribution than some, and basically only seemed available on YouTube, never really our favorite audio option. Also not sure this performance from awhile back is as good as the one we just experienced, but stay tuned for the one from Fall Leaf 2019. They are find-able on FaceBook.






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