• mantramatic is now on Insight Timer

    Insight Timer is a meditation and sleep app, and artists can publish their work there to reach that audience of smartphone-meditators. Very cool. So, Waah Yantee is now published there, you can go there and access it using the downloadable app, and more will be uploaded as the tracks are completed.

  • Mantra meditation according to Yogi Bhajan

    Yogi Bhajan and his Kundalini Yoga has been my path for about 30 years now, and was my introduction to mantra. I have a daily yoga practice, and currently am working my way through a book of meditations from the early days (1970s). Here’s what I read yesterday from the master himself: “Mantra meditation gives […]

  • New track is on the way

    The second mantra track, mul mantra, is winding its way through the labyrinth of stuff tha that has to happen to get all the tracks recorded, mixed, and uploaded. Meanwhile, here’s a rough cut. Happy japa. Japa (repeating a mantra) is a way to become aware of your etheric body. Groove on it.

  • mantramatic is live on Pandora!

    This is exciting! We are finally live on Pandora and hoping that we will start finding our audience out there in Pandora-land as we get connected with music that shares our vibrations. I think this link will only work if you have a Premium Pandora account (which for the price is a really good thing, […]

  • The first track is live!

    First steps, but so many have gone before! This has been a long time coming, but the first mantra track for the first mantra album is live on many places on the web now–the recording and mixing for Waah Yantee was completed by Baysound Studios (thanks Bob!) in January this year (2019 already?) and so […]

  • Waah Yantee on CD Baby

  • First track for first album

    mantramatic has finally released the first track, Waah Yantee, for the first album, Transmission. This has been in the works for many years in many ways, most recently doing the final recording and mixing at Baysound Studios in Sarasota, Florida (thanks Bob!). Waah Yantee was recorded during several sessions and the final mix was released […]

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