jiwan shakti in the studio

mantra music – Rakhe Rakhanhar Live!

mantra music by mantramatic! A snippet of Rakhe Rakhanhar recorded live at Baysound Studios in Sarasota, Florida. The complete track will soon be available on the new album “Transmission,” due to be released around April 2020.

Even with the additional social, cultural, and economic challenges associated COVID-19, by the grace of the guru and with pure cosmic love, mantramatic has forged ahead to complete recording the final tracks for the album literally the week before Baysound and pretty much every other non-essential business shut down. We were the last session before the crisis. If that isn’t pure cosmic grace and love I don’t know what is.

Thank you to the infinite, the gurus and ascended masters who have guided my steps every bit of the way.

Snippet of Rakhe Rakhanhar!



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