Transmission will be slightly delayed

mantramatic’s first album Transmission will be slightly delayed because of the coronavirus situation. The irony of the name is not lost on me. There are three or four meanings here, at least.

At any rate, an interesting story, unfolding in the now-moment. Just spoke to our sound engineer/producer Bob and mantramatic was literally the last session in the studio before they closed for the virus lockdown. The guides and gurus are definitely watching out for us and want this completed.

So I thought we were all set, forgetting that Bob has to have that studio room and monitors to really get the mix right, and again, they are locked down for the present. We don’t know for how long. So for now, the final mix is on hold because we want to make it as mantra-perfect as possible.

We will re-visit the situation in a month to see where we are at. I am trusting more than ever that the guides and gurus are watching over us and our little project and when the time is right, it will be released.

So even though Transmission will be slightly delayed it will ultimately be a positive force in this current time of uncertainty. Please stay tuned.

Tantric Hand
Meditate on your radiant body surrounding you with light and protecting from all negative forces!


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