Adi mantra just released

mantramatic’s version of the Adi mantra has just been released on CD Baby (2.9.2020). It’s also been submitted to Pandora and hopefully will be joining the other two mantramatic tracks already there soon. The album “Transmission” is on track to be mastered and released within the next month or so. By Spring Equinox!

Adi mantra is a mantra meditation in the Kundalini Yoga tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan–my sound engineer calls this “folk yoga” music and that’s a great description of this new style.

The Adi mantra is the first mantra we use to “tune in” at the beginning of all Kundalini Yoga sets (at least in the Yogi Bhajan tradition). It connects us with the infinite creative consciousness and with the “Teacher within,” the wisdom we all carry inside us. It connects those two things together. This version also includes the Mangalacharan mantra, which is a mantra of protection. We literally use it for things like chanting before we start our cars and go out on the road. It invokes protection from negativity.

The mantra in the original language (Gurumukhi) and in the English translation is like this:

Adi mantra:

Ong namo

I call on the infinite creative consciousness

Guru dev namo

I call on the teacher within

Mangalacharan mantra:

Ad guray nameh

Guided from the primal core and beginning

Jagad guray nameh

Through every moment of experience and activity

Sat guray nameh

Guided in your heart’s deepest truth and being

Siri guru dev nameh

By the unseen Infinity of your highest self


Jiwan Shakti: Acoustic guitar, vocals

John Connelly: Electric fretless bass

Kirsten Lovett: Vocals

Merissa Lovett: Vocals

Keiana Rucks: Violin (on Mangalacharan mantra)

Percussion loops: Bongos, agogos. Arranged by Jiwan Shakti. Courtesy of Loopcloud.

Arranged and produced by Jiwan Shakti at Baysound Studios, Sarasota, FL.

Engineering, mixing, and production assistance: Bob Frank, Baysound Studios. Copyright 2020.


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