First track for first album

mantramatic has finally released the first track, Waah Yantee, for the first album, Transmission. This has been in the works for many years in many ways, most recently doing the final recording and mixing at Baysound Studios in Sarasota, Florida (thanks Bob!). Waah Yantee was recorded during several sessions and the final mix was released on 1.7.2019, a good way to start the new year.

I (Jiwan Shakti) am currently busy promoting the mantra on this website, as a podcast, on iTunes, on Pandora, on SoundCloud, and on CD Baby. I intend to record and release the next few mantras over the rest of 2019. By 2020 I intend to complete the Transmission album, then it’s on to other albums.

The process of composition, production, and distribution is a real education, alright. Many things to learn. Stay tuned, and if you like and support this music, please let me know!






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