mantramatic’s debut album, Aquarian Sadhana: Transmission, is on the way. Since it has to travel across many times and spaces, many galaxies and dimensions, to reach us, it isn’t quite here yet. But in a couple of months, which really isn’t all that long in the cosmic scheme of things, we should have it available here in all its glory (around Winter Solstice 2018!).

It will include a complete Aquarian sadhana plus various assorted extra super bonus mantras. Many of these will be provided in short versions and rough cuts over the next few months as podcasts, posts, and forms we haven’t thought of yet, so please visit the podcast page for a sneak preview. So imagine, you can watch and listen to the album take form before your very ears and eyes. Some of these cuts will be recorded with iPhones, tiny field recorders, and Buddha-knows-what. All this will lead up to a really impressive, multi-track, multi-dimensional, time-and-space transcending acoustic vibratory event. And you will hear it here first, but hopefully not last. Wahe guru!

transmission album cover-front
Aquarian Sadhana: Transmission