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    bandcamp–listen to mantras online, high-quality downloads, and learn more

  • Link to the mantramatic Pandora station

    The mantramatic Pandora station currently (January 2020) features the pre-album release mantras “Waah Yantee” and “Mul Mantra.” The very mantra-happy “Adi Mantra + Mangalacharan Mantra” will be there about Feb. 9th 2020. And the full “Transmission” album, for which the universe has waited patiently until just this very intersection in cosmic time (but what’s a […]

  • Mul Mantra

    The Mul Mantra is a mantra meditation on the one creator, the creation, and that which is true now and through the ages.

  • Mul mantra is available on CD Baby

    The final mix of Mul mantra is now available on CD Baby for the low, low cost (in material-world terms) of 99 cents! Since CD Baby publishes to Spotify, you can stream the mantra there for free. So why buy the download? One, the audio quality is much better–because of the requirements for streaming audio, […]

  • Mul mantra final mix is on Insight Timer

    The final mix of Mul mantra has just been published on the meditation app Insight Timer. The first mantra for the album-in-process (Waah Yantee) was posted there a couple of months ago and has had about 1K listens, and was honored to be selected as a staff pick last month. We are grateful to the […]

  • Mul mantra rough cut is on Insight Timer

    Insight Timer is a meditation app, and artists can publish their work there to reach that audience of smartphone-meditators. mantramatic published the first finished mantra, Waah Yantee, on there already and it got an encouraging response (about 500 listens in a few weeks) so it seems like a good place to keep publishing. To get […]

  • New track is on the way

    The second mantra track, mul mantra, is winding its way through the labyrinth of stuff tha that has to happen to get all the tracks recorded, mixed, and uploaded. Meanwhile, here’s a rough cut. Happy japa. Japa (repeating a mantra) is a way to become aware of your etheric body. Groove on it.