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Jiwan Shakti
Jiwan Shakti

Jiwan Shakti (aka John Stewart) and friends record under the name mantramatic, because when you tune in, the mantras are automatically transmitted from the infinite. He has been a kundalini yogi since 1990, and a musician since the 1970s. Jiwan Shakti writes and arranges the music, sings, and plays electrified acoustic guitar.


Available to play live mantras, new age fests, yoga workshops and events, etc. Please contact at:

planet3com@gmail.com  |  407.227.4111

My Story So Far, by Jiwan Shakti
Beginnings are almost always hard, and it’s sometimes because it’s hard to find the beginning of something. I could say that mantramatic is beginning-less, because the mantras start and end in infinity, but that doesn’t quite say it all. I could say it started for me in this particular life, feeling God, infinity, whatever you want to call the universal consciousness, as far back as I can remember . . . walking the forests and fields as a kid, talking to the infinite . . . fast forward many years. I started doing kundalini yoga in the Yogi Bhajan tradition, which changed my life, and that tradition includes a lot of mantra practice. Very musical.

Yogi Bhajan gave me the name Jiwan Shakti. This was another beginning, of a new identity that almost 30 years later, I am still figuring out.

I could say another thread of beginning-ness was when I picked up that orange guitar when I was about 16 and never really looked back. These various threads, woven together over so many years. Getting a call from an old friend to join a jam session, the cat who knew recording and music inside and out, the notion that someone who knew something thought this was worth recording . . . the mantras starting to download, to form and arrange themselves in my brain (mantra + automatic download from the infinite = mantramatic), figuring out how to make those sounds on my guitar. Friends harmonizing with the infinite.

The mantras are about connecting. With your inner highest consciousness, with the cosmic, the universal consciousness, with cosmic love.

mantramatic exists on Earth to transmit mantras from the infinite to heal ourselves and the planet, an offering of pure cosmic love.

We chant mantras in very non-traditional ways from many traditions. Many of them come from the tantric, yogic, and buddhist traditions.

Redwoods - Big Sur, California, USA
Redwoods – Big Sur, California, USA

Mantras can heal, uplift consciousness, and increase awareness. They can be any sound.

Nature sounds can be mantras too;

bird songs

wolf howls

wind and water sounds

We love the natural world and on future albums will be integrating the sounds of the human voice with the sounds of nature, the sounds of vibrating strings and drum heads.

We are mantramatic because the mantras are automatically transmitted to us from the other world that is right next to us, that is within us, if we just take the time to hear and to see.