First Album | First Mantra

mantramatic’s first album, Transmission, is Jiwan Shakti’s new arrangement of Yogi Bhajan’s Aquarian sadhana, which is a series of seven mantra meditations. Waah Yantee is the first mantra to be recorded (at Baysound Studios in sunny Sarasota, Florida, released January 2019).

The rest of the already-composed and arranged album will be recorded, mixed, and released by the end of 2019. Stream it on Spotify, follow mantramatic for updates, buy it on CD Baby, and check out some other works in progress on Soundcloud. Please tune in!

The mantras have significance deeper than the literal translation, as sounds that can heal and uplift. The translations matter but are not the heart of the mantras. Chant with the mantra recordings and feel them.

For those who want to chant along and know the English translation for Waah Yantee, here it is:
Waah yantee, kar yantee
Great macroself, creative self

Jag dut patee, aadak it waahaa
All that is creative through time, all that is the great one

Bramaaday traysha guru
Three aspects of god: brahma, vishnu, mahesh

It wahe guru
That is wahe guru

Jiwan Shakti: Electrified acoustic guitar, vocals
John Connelly: Electric bass
Kirsten Lovett: Vocals, “tantric hand” artwork for Waah Yantee
Merissa Lovett: Vocals

Percussion loops by Pete Lockett: Udu, cabassa, tablas, and shakers. Courtesy of Loopcloud. Arranged by Jiwan Shakti.

Arranged and produced by John Stewart aka Jiwan Shakti at Baysound Studios, Sarasota, FL. Engineering, mixing, and production assistance: Bob Frank, Baysound Studios. Copyright 2019.